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February on the farm

21st February 2017

Twins? single? triplets? (…..quads?) scanning the ewes, first year at Cocking Hill! We’ve been very busy this February. Grass is scarce and typically always a hard month for farming. There is some positive news though…we’ve scanned our ewes, and it went really well! We scanned at an average of 183% (…the boys did their job!), with a great twinning rate and hardly any triplets of quads. For us, as we lamb everything outdoors, it is crucial that we don’t have…

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Dog walks at West Wittering beach…

7th February 2017

  Moving to our new house, has mean’t new places to explore and we have found such a gem just around the corner! West Wittering beach is a large expanse, complete with pretty little beach huts, sand dunes and a lovely cafe that does great hot chocs! It is so idlic there, its definitely our new favourite dog walking spot! …

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January on the farm…

1st January 2017

First things first; It has been FREEZING on the farm. Like, the kind of freezing where I have worried that my fingers may actually drop off! All sense of pride within the fashion stakes have gone out of the window and every morning Andy laughs and asks me ‘Come on then, how many layers have you got on today then?!’ ‘Six…usually the answer is six’. Traditionally January would be a quieter time for most sheep farmers in the UK (if…

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