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Instagram vs. reality in Farming…

23rd March 2018

I want to talk about Instagram vs. reality. I like to think that my Instagram/blog depicts the realities of farming life, that is…to a certain extent. What I mean is, when I’m having a really down day, for one reason or another, I probably won’t post about it. This is because I like to think of my blog/social media as a positive place, and I don’t want to overshare my problems/be seen to be moaning. I would say that I…

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Our first year Lambing at Cocking Hill Farm

14th May 2017

Wow, where to begin. On the 1st of April we had our first lambs. A triplet (they always tend to drop earlier than the twins or the singles!), we weren’t actually expecting any until the 6th/7th but as we moved them into their lambing paddocks, they had fresh grass and the sun was shining and I think they just thought, yup – I’m ready to have my babies now. And they did, we had the triplet go on the 1st…

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