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Toggi SS18 collection ‘try on’

17th April 2018

So spring is finally here after months of rain and cloudy skies (and beasts from the east!). To say I’m relived is an understatement! So excited to start bringing some new spring pieces into my wardrobe! Toggi kindly sent me some of my favourite bits from their new collection and I’m loving having them as staples in my current wardrobe. Here are three key pieces to see you through the transition from spring to summer… What I’m Wearing Jocelyn Shirt…

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February 2018 on the farm… 

3rd March 2018

For us, February is always a bit of a struggle. It’s too cold for the grass to grow, my hands are like blocks of ice and my lips are positively falling off as they are so dry. Let me talk you through my clothing situation most days at the moment. There’s the sports bra, then a ‘technical thermal top’ (you know one where it has holes to put your thumbs through), then there is another long sleeved top and then…

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January 2018 on the farm…

3rd February 2018

January…a month that instills fear into even the most positive of people. It’s always a tough one isn’t it, the post Christmas slump where you’ve over indulged and feel you need to change every aspect of your life to try to be a better person as the new year begins(!). Farming wise, for us, January is always a bit of a tricky one. Grass is scarce and its usually pretty wet, and my god this January has it rained! We’ve…

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My online Agricultural College…

28th January 2018

Oh Hi! It’s my first blog in a little while…first of 2018 in fact – better make it good…no pressure then! So I’m going to be a bit serious in this one. I want to talk a bit about the internet today – and how ruddy lucky we all are that in order to find out things, we don’t have to go and root around in a dusty old encyclopedia or load up a CDROM of Encarter 96′ we simply…

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Rambling with TOG24

30th November 2017

Over this past year it has become more and more apparent just how important having a good old walk is for my mental and physical health. Having swapped my office job for an outdoor one it has made a huge different to how I feel on a daily basis and that is down to being out in the fresh air day in day out. Walking/rambling is something that we can all do each day in some form. Whether it’s choosing…

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My top picks from the Ariat A/W Collection…

15th October 2017

Since farming I have come across alot of brands that are new to me. Ariat is one of them. If you don’t know, Ariat are a global equestrian and countrywear brand and specialise in garments that are not only, good quality products, but technically very built for the job. I’ve been really impressed with the fact that all of the pieces that I have been testing out are all so durable and I can see that they will really last…

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The Toggi A/W Collection Part 1

28th September 2017

At the end of August, along with some other bloggers, I got a chance to visit Toggi HQ and preview the upcoming A/W Collection. It felt slightly unusual to be looking forward to Christmas in August, but I embraced the festive feels and came away from the day feeling so excited to don some cosy coats and scarves and hats. Not to mention how ruddy LOVELY all of the Toggi team were. We were taken through the new collection by…

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Spotlight on The Spanish Boot Company

24th September 2017

I cannot say enough good things about these boots… Beautifully made traditional Spanish riding boots that mould perfectly to your legs and feet, and are really flattering on the legs too. After seeing the lovely Charlotte in England sporting these bad boys and also seeing that they were a favourite with a certain princess(!), I knew I had to get some for myself. As many of you know, I’m a Spanish Boot Company Style Advocate, and advocate I am indeed.…

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