Our farm wedding

Our farm wedding

2nd September 2017

Getting ready

The day of our wedding I woke up and couldn’t believe our luck with the weather. It honestly was the most beautiful day, just perfect. I woke up and padded downstairs to a hub of excitement in the kitchen (having 7 bridesmaids will do that!). The lovely Susie was doing a great job at keeping everyone calm whilst doing everyones make up and my parents, auntie and uncle pottered around too. It was so lovely being able to have so many people around in the morning of the wedding. I bought all the bridesmaids matching robes have wear whilst getting ready and they all looked amazing!

The Dresses

The dress I chose was a surprisingly traditional lace number, with detachable sleeves, so I could walk down the aisle a bit covered up (those that know me will know that I’m not one for bearing much flesh!), then for the first dance my arms could be freed by detaching the lace sleeves. This dress was a customised Augusta Jones Dress from White Mischief Bridal and it was dreamy. I also had a plain long delicate veil that sat underneath my flower crown. I really didn’t want matching bridesmaid dresses, all of my bridesmaids were so different that I didn’t want to prescribe anything too much, and my main concern was that they liked what they were wearing. So I went to Homebase and grabbed a few colour swatches under the wedding colour theme and sent them all to the respective girls, gave them a budget and asked them that the dresses be floor length. I was so pleased with the effect the dresses had, they all looked stunning and the coloured worked so well!

Bridal Accessories 

My Grandmothers emerald ring set the tone for my jewellery, and I had a matching gold emerald necklace one a really delicate chain that worked well with the dress.

I didn’t really want a typical ‘bridal bag’ so I had a Cambridge Satchel bag in cornflower blue (also my something blue!) with my new initials monogrammed!

I went to a ‘wedding scent’ appointment at Jo Malone, and I’d actually highly recommend it. It’s really extravagant, but then it IS your wedding day, so why not. I went for Blackberry and Bay, and now everytime I smell it, it takes me right back!

The Ceremony

I was actually really nervous about the ceremony itself. Just to be that much the centre of attention kind of terrified me. But we had the most incredible vicar who just made us feel totally at ease and just set the tone for the whole day really.

My family friend and MOH’s mum, Sue did all of the flowers for the church and it took my breath away when we entered the church. We had ivy and gypsophila draped over all of the pillars and at the end of each pew. She also handmade all of our confetti within our wedding colours – just amazing.

I walked down the aisle to a traditional organ piece, and then out of the church to ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ by Elton John!

For our wedding car we had one of the farm Defenders which my brother and his girlfriend Ellie decorated for us!


Our marquee was from the lovely people at Wigwam Marquees and it was a square shaped traditional pole marquee!

We went quite paired back on the marquee decoration. I didn’t want anything to feel to crowded. We had our logo printed on the menus and table names (for which we had field names from the farm!).

I had a bit of a panic a couple of weeks before the wedding and decided that my handwriting wasn’t going to cut it for the name places, so a friend of a friend Julia from Letters by Julia completely came to the rescue and hand wrote them all.

Our colour theme was pink and blush, and Sue did our flowers aswell for the tables, which were in little jars and bottles stood on top of logs cut by Andy!

We also had lanterns over the dancefloor which looked incredible (they all fell down the night before…which was pretty stressful). Then we just had shed loads of fairylights lining the marquee and at night it worked really well!

Outside the marquee

The pink bales. Oh my…the pink bales. These worked a treat!! We stacked them up so that people could have photos on them and they were such a hit! All using wrap for Breast Cancer Awareness – so for a good cause too!

We had some games too – Wellie Wanging and Hula Hoops etc, just to entertain people a bit whilst waiting for food. We also made tables out of pallets and popped out some straw bales for people to sit on!

For the evening food, we of course had our food pop up stall – The Burger Barn! (made by our lovely Colin who lives and works on Andy’s family farm). Colin also made us a bar – it was aptly named ‘The Baa’ and it was well frequented during the day and evening!

The Food

Our wedding cake was made by my friend Harriet Caton, it was a real showstopper and made me cry when I saw it. It was three flavours, one for each tier (Banana, Raspberry, and Chocolate) all iced with caramel buttercream and a caramel drip. It looked so beautiful too. If anyone wants her details, I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

We had a selection of hearty canapes on arrival with the fizz, and then a very informal three course dinner that consisted of Gin and Tonic smoked salmon, Lamb (from our farm naturally) and a selection of salads, then summer pudding for dessert!

For our toast wine we had some delicious sparkling wine from Wiston Estate from the vineyard two fields down from where we had the marquee on the farm!

We did one speech before every course to break it up a bit and it worked really well!

First Dance

We had ‘Yellow’ by Coldplay for our first dance sung by our band ‘Oomph‘ who are a seven piece funk band – Andy and I saw them when we first got together nine years ago, so they were special to us. They are also probably the best band I’ve ever seen live!

All in all at the risk of sounding cliche, it really was the best day of our lives, and we wish we could do exactly the same every year!

A huge thank you to our amazing photographer Samatha Pells who captured it all so beautifully!


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