My second trimester of pregnancy on the farm…

My second trimester of pregnancy on the farm…

28 weeks. Wow. Where did the time go?! I literally cannot fathom that I am in the last stage of pregnancy.

(said every pregnant person…ever).

All in all I have been extremely lucky with this pregnancy thus far – I’ve had zero morning sickness and my energy levels – on the whole – have been pretty good. However, I have struggled alot with aches and pains – mainly my right ribcage which stabs – especially after eating and drinking. So much so, that I had a suspected gallbladder issues – which, after a scan – confirmed that everything was actually fine, and that the pain was probably just the baby/fluid pushing on my organs(!) There was also a slightly tense moment in the scan where the consultant couldn’t see my left kidney – and asked me “You do have both your kidneys, don’t you? Never had one removed?” – to which I replied in a slightly panicky voice “Um, yeh, I really should have two kidneys….!”. He found it, and all was well – just a slightly comedic/panicky minute!

It’s crazy how much my bump has grown – it felt like it happened almost overnight – and now whenever I see friends/family they keep telling me how huge I am, which is fine, but it does make you suddenly question, oh god – am I huge? Should I be this big at this point? What if the baby is too big? What if its all extra weight from my body? But I’ve decided to chill about it, I am big – but I’m eating well and getting plenty of exercise, so thats all I can do really!

20 week scan

We went on holiday to New York the week before our scan which was a nice distraction to be honest. I don’t know why, but I was a bit apprehensive about our 20 week scan – I think it’s because its just when alot of abnormalities get picked up and I didn’t feel I could relax until after this big milestone.

We went to the hospital the day after we got back from our holiday and because of the fact that I was also having my gallbladder scan just before our 20 week scan, I wasn’t allowed to eat/drink from 10am beforehand. Omygaaawd, I was STARVING. We picked up lunch on the way to the hospital with the view that I would be able to quickly stuff my face in between appointments – but the way it worked out, after my gallbladder scan I was ushered into my jabs appointment to get my flu/whooping cough injections pre the actual 20 week scan. The midwife doing my jabs was so lovely and let me eat whilst getting the injections. Really stupidly, I wore dungarees and a tight long sleeve top – which I thought was a great idea due to the fact that I thought I could unbutton the dungas and lift my top up for the scans – but I forgot about the fact that I would need the tops of my arms exposed for the jabs. Queue taking off my top and having to sit eating a sandwich in a bra and dungarees whilst having my injections done! It was a great look!

We went into our 20 week scan and we had a lovely trainee sonographer, and her supervisor performing ours – it felt like we were in there for ages, but I think it was around 30mins long whilst they checked every single bit of the babies anatomy. Really nice and reassuring. Everything was good was the baby and we came out with some fresh pics which was nice too!

Getting organised

We had been really focused on the 20 week scan date – and all of our attention had really been on just getting past that milestone. After we heard that all was well – we suddenly thought…right, okay, we better actually acknowledge that we are having this baby then!

We actually ended up driving home via our local John Lewis, where we wanted to just have a quick look at some baby bits. As it was a week day, it was pretty quiet in there and we had two shop assistants take us through the various pros and cons of different items – prams/car seats etc. It was actually so so helpful to ask a load of stupid questions and be met with responses that didn’t make you feel silly!

I’ll be writing another blog post on what we will be buying for the baby and our reasons behind each item…

When we got home that evening, I booked our NCT course which starts at the end of April (when I’m about 32 weeks). We made the decision to do NCT as a means of meeting other couples in the area really. We’ve had alot of friends who’ve done NCT and they all have recommended its a great thing to do with your first baby. It’s not cheap (think it was around £300 for the 5 sessions) but it was something we both felt we wanted to do.

Books I’ve found useful

I also started to read alot of books about the actual birth – something I hadn’t really done before. The following books I’ve read – I have found really helpful. Mainly just because, I literally had no idea what the process of birth actual entailed – the different types of births you can be faced with – and also the decisions that you will have to make. Reading these books has made me feel informed and dare I say it, actually quite excited about the whole thing.

  1. Your Baby, Your Birth – Hollie De Cruz – I cannot recommend this book enough. Hollie is a renowned Hypnobirthing coach and the book includes everything you need to know about how to prep for a positive birth – using the practice of Hypnobirthing and the techniques that go with it.
  2. The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves – this book was given to me by one of my close friends and I’ve found it invaluable. It takes you through the practice of KG Hypnobirthing from start to finish, and really did seal the deal for me to book a Hypnobirthing course locally to attend. I’m now booked in for two half day sessions to take me through the practice of Hypnobirthing.
  3. How to Grow a Baby by Clemmie Hooper – when I found out I was pregnant this was one of the first books I bought. I love following @Motherofdaughters, and @Fatherofdaughters and Clemmie’s blog Gas and Air thought the book would be a great way to introduce me to the stages of pregnancy. Its a lovely well thought out book which is nice to dip in and out of.
  4. Your No Guilt Pregnancy Plan – by Rebecca Schiller – this book has really helped me to make informed choices on what sort of birth experience I would ideally like. I goes through all eventualities and preps you for what choices you have during each senerio. I learn’t SO much reading this book!
  5. What to expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff – A friend gave me this book and I’ve found its a great book to refer to, before just jumping into our good friend Mr Google! It is clearly marked and easy to navigate around and a good book to have on the shelf when you have a question – or want to find out more about something.
  6. The Positive Birth Book – by Milli Hill – Again, my friend gave this to me and I’m so glad! I really like the sentiment and the wording they use within this book. Its also a great reference book that I’ve turned to at different moments during pregnancy
  7. The Day by Day Pregnancy Book – DK (edited by Dr Maggie Blott) – This was the first book we bought with the view that Andy and I can use it to track the pregnancy day by day. Its a great book that give you a page for everyday of pregnancy and tells you what is going on with your body/pregnancy. Its like one of the apps you can get, but a bit more detailed, and Its nice to see whats happening each day inside me!

Being a pregnant farmer

The added factor during this whole pregnancy has been my ‘job’. Getting to bring your baby up in the beautiful countryside on a farm alongside you as you work with your husband – GREAT. Working full time on the farm during pregnancy – NOT great at all. I’ve talked a bit about this on instagram and I’ve had so many responses about how other people have struggled with their various jobs alongside pregnancy.

I’ve really had to force myself to take a step back from practical duties on the farm during the last few weeks. My balance is all over the place and heavy lifting is a no go, and I’m now not riding on the quad bike either. It’s just not worth the risk is it. Being stuck indoors doing admin and driving around stocking up on supplies has very much become my existence. It’s hard, because I’d just worked up to a stage where I was actually pretty useful to have around on the farm (taken me 2 and half years to feel that way), then BAM back to square one again, having to watch Andy and Will buzzing past the trailers and the dogs.

It’s going to be totally worth it, I realise that, but I just want to be honest with you. I have found it alot tougher than I thought I would. I feel a bit like I’ve lost my identity/purpose a bit. I’m inherently nosey, I LOVE to know what’s going on all of the time, and being out of the loop with farm goings on has been something I’ve struggled with. Also the last thing Andy wants to do when he gets home, is relive and relay every last detail that went on during day (understandably!) – doesn’t stop me quizzing him though!

Lambing has just kicked off here and that’s a whole other blog post that will be on its way to you over Easter. I want to talk a bit about how we are tackling lambing season and the fact that I am pregnant, as this is something I get alot of messaged about! So watch this space for that blog post too.

My second trimester has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. I’d say that during my whole pregnancy, though I have felt physically well (apart from a few aches and pains), I have found the mental side of things a totally different ball game. I didn’t appreciate how the change in your hormones really affects your mental state! But, that being said, on the whole, I’m really good, excited about the fact that I’m in the final stage and ready for motherhood….I think….I hope….maybe :).


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