Farmhouse details…

Farmhouse details…

When we moved into our new house/farm back in September, I set about ‘nesting’ in and making the house feel homely.

Five months in, I just wanted to share some of my favourite corners of our home and some of the furniture we have picked up along the way!

This beautiful Singer was a Christmas present from my brother! I’ve always wanted one, and he managed to find a vintage one (from 1949) at an antiques emporium in Lewes – it was in okay condition, but my dear old dad polished it up for me. For senimental reasons, it’s probably my favourite piece of furniture I have ever owned. Apparently they come up on eBay and Gumtree all of the time – so keep your eyes peeled.

The log burner was already in the house when we moved in, I was dubious about it at first as it works on oil, not wood like our last burner, but it has been GREAT and has kept us toasty warm over the winter. I must admit, it is nice not having to chop logs and kindling! As you can see…I’m bit of a hoarder of bottles..I like to keep all the ‘special occasion’ bottles for display around the fireplace, then I normally pop candles in them for lighting in the evening.

This dog bed is a bit of a sore point..sure, it looks great, and personalised…but I can honestly say that Juno has never used it. She turned her nose up as soon as we got it and still sleeps on the sofa. Hmmm. Looks nice in the corner of the living room though!These Ikea Billy Bookcases were the best house purchase! You can completely customise them into a system that works for you and they’ve fitted in perfectly into the living room. Really good value too as some bookcases were looking like they were going to bankrupt us!


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