Farmhouse upcycling on a budget…

Farmhouse upcycling on a budget…

We moved into our cottage back in September and we’ve been slowly but surely trying to make it homely (on a budget…).

Its a bit of a tricky one, as we have so many things to get done on the farm that the house takes a bit of a backseat, but we have managed to get some of the core rooms ‘done’.

The Kitchen

We have given the kitchen a bit of a make-over. On a very tight budget may I add! The first thing we did was take up the old vinyl and lay terracotta tiles on the floor (here), it made the world of difference to the room! I did love the look of the victorian patterned tiles, but our budget just couldn’t stretch, but I’m so happy with the finished result of these.

The second thing we did was paint the units, we used a primer (here) and then this provided something for the paint to ‘stick’ too, and we chose a Valspar paint in ‘Artisan Blue’ (here). Its worth saying that the man we spoke to at B&Q was so so helpful! I was a bit bamboozed about what kind of paint to use for this and he took the time to talk me through the options. The cupboards turned out SO well. They basically look like new units! We also painted the walls in ‘Goose Down Grey’ from Dulux which you can find (here).

Next we did the tiles, I couldn’t wait to get subway tiles, we chose a cream and it was recommended that we have a light grey grout…I was dubious as I really wanted dark grey, but as soon as it was done it looked so good and fitted in with the walls and the units a treat! We ended up getting them from Topps Tiles (here).

Our last kitchen had an Aga…which I was basically obsessed with, as well as our whippet, Juno. It really was the heart of the house, so having a normal cooker was a bit disappointing. That being said, we chose a Leisure range stove (here), and it looks very sweet against the cream tiles. It is also¬†less temperamental than the Aga we had and we have made a couple of very successful cakes (oh…and Christmas dinner for 10!) in it! Its super easy to clean too, which is a plus!

The one massive plus of the new kitchen is that we could have a FULL SIZE fridge, in our last kitchen we had a half sized one and I was forever leaning down to shove more stuff in. We managed to find a SMEG fridge on Gumtree at an absolute bargain of £100. It is such a dream to look at! Its basically my favourite thing I own! It fits so much in and has a big freezer too which is handy. We had to act quick, I had an alert set up on Gumtree for any Smeg fridges in a 30mile radius, and jumped on this one as soon as it came up. We managed to cram it in the Land Rover too!

The last thing we did was pop a new sink(here)/taps (here) and worktops(here) in all from Wickes they were in the sale so got 30% off which was great. All in all we’ve managed to achieve almost a new looking kitchen under a very low budget.




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