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Rambling with TOG24

30th November 2017

Over this past year it has become more and more apparent just how important having a good old walk is for my mental and physical health. Having swapped my office job for an outdoor one it has made a huge different to how I feel on a daily basis and that is down to being out in the fresh air day in day out. Walking/rambling is something that we can all do each day in some form. Whether it’s choosing…

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Men’s Gift Guide: The Fashion Edit

29th November 2017

Under £50 Tog24 Beanie – £16 2. Tog24 Bottle – £20 3. Regatta Bobble hat – £7.50 (in the sale) 4. Finistere socks – £16 5. Barbour scarf set – £49.99 Under £100 6. Barbour slippers – £54.95 7. Finistere shirt – £95 8. Toggi Jumper – £50 9. Timberland backpack – £60 Under £350 10. Grays Country Gifts – £225 11. Barbour boots – £95 12. Toggi Field Coat – £330 13. Toggi Tweed Blazer – £250 13. Musto…

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Autumnal Favourites

29th October 2017

Everyone loves Autumn. You only have to scroll through Instagram littered with cosy fireplace shots, orange hues of leaf shedding trees and copious amounts of pumpkins to know this. I, very unoriginally, also love Autumn. It has always been my favourite season (I liked it first before it was even cool….) CLEARLY I’m joking btw. This Autumn has really been special to me. Its because it marks a year (yesterday to the day in fact) that I started work as…

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My top picks from the Ariat A/W Collection…

15th October 2017

Since farming I have come across alot of brands that are new to me. Ariat is one of them. If you don’t know, Ariat are a global equestrian and countrywear brand and specialise in garments that are not only, good quality products, but technically very built for the job. I’ve been really impressed with the fact that all of the pieces that I have been testing out are all so durable and I can see that they will really last…

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The Toggi A/W Collection Part 1

28th September 2017

At the end of August, along with some other bloggers, I got a chance to visit Toggi HQ and preview the upcoming A/W Collection. It felt slightly unusual to be looking forward to Christmas in August, but I embraced the festive feels and came away from the day feeling so excited to don some cosy coats and scarves and hats. Not to mention how ruddy LOVELY all of the Toggi team were. We were taken through the new collection by…

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Why you need the Toggi ‘Luella’ wax jacket in your life…

12th September 2017

So there are just items of clothing, things that you buy and instantly know that you’re going to wear ALL the time. This jacket is one of those things (Click here for link). I flipping love it. The fit, the colour, the material, and the fact that it is WATERPROOF aaaaand warm. The lining is also gorgeous too. Whenever I wear this jacket, I always get compliments. I think its because its a different colour to most wax jackets on…

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A classic yellow raincoat from Lazy Jacks

15th May 2017

Anyone who follows me on insta will know how much love I have for raincoats. There is something nostalgic about wearing a classic raincoat/mac that brings me back to being a small child. A bit like donning a pair of dungarees, or a little backpack! I was recently looking back at old childhood photos and it made me laugh how little my dress sense has changed in the past 30 years! Give me a stripey top, a bright raincoat and…

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Things I miss about city life…

23rd April 2017

We’re 3/4 of the way through lambing at the moment, and I’m actually writing this post amidst the orphan pen, so I can keep an eye on them and get some blogging done…rule no.1 in farming – multitasking you see. Lambing is a whole other post so I’ll save the deets until then, but for now I just wanted to talk about some of the things I’m missing from life before farming. I’ve found the last few weeks particularly challenging…

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Woodland walks with Toggi…

26th March 2017

We managed to grab a break this weekend inbetween sheep moving/checking, cow feeding and other farm related activities! We have been wanting to explore the woodland near our farmhouse ever since we moved in last September, and it didn’t disappoint! Sun dappled and covered in  rhododendrons, it felt like we could have been in the middle of a Canadian forest. I took the opportunity to test drive my new Toggi Rundle boots and Taymouth tweed coat. It was sooo nice…

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