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Rambling with TOG24

30th November 2017

Over this past year it has become more and more apparent just how important having a good old walk is for my mental and physical health. Having swapped my office job for an outdoor one it has made a huge different to how I feel on a daily basis and that is down to being out in the fresh air day in day out.

Walking/rambling is something that we can all do each day in some form. Whether it’s choosing to walk rather than taking public transport, or just popping your headphones in and getting out on your lunch break.  I always feel when I have been out in the fresh air, life seems more manageable and my head feels clearer.

I love how the term ‘rambling’ has been revitalised lately. It no longer conjures up images of middle aged groups with walking poles, and it has become alot more about hearty dog walks to the pub with friends.

Talking of things being revitalised…(seamless link)…TOG24 have rebranded – and I couldn’t love the new direction that they have taken the brand in more! I’m a complete sucker for a great outdoorsy clothing company, and TOG24 really does tick all the boxes. The new logo is lovely and clean/fresh and the website is so user friendly with gorgeous images that just make you want to whack on a coat and hat and venture into the hills! (they also currently have a massive sale on and I urge you to get onto the website immediately as there are some amazing bargains to be had!).

You can view their campaign film (here)

I’m wearing their Clancy TCZ Thermal Jacket and honestly, its a must in this weather. Its beautifully fitted and light – but still so warm.

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Men’s Gift Guide: The Fashion Edit

29th November 2017

Under £50

  1. Tog24 Beanie – £16

2. Tog24 Bottle – £20

3. Regatta Bobble hat – £7.50 (in the sale)

4. Finistere socks – £16

5. Barbour scarf set – £49.99

Under £100

6. Barbour slippers – £54.95

7. Finistere shirt – £95

8. Toggi Jumper – £50

9. Timberland backpack – £60

Under £350

10. Grays Country Gifts – £225

11. Barbour boots – £95

12. Toggi Field Coat – £330

13. Toggi Tweed Blazer – £250

13. Musto shooting coat – £350

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Autumnal Favourites

29th October 2017

Everyone loves Autumn. You only have to scroll through Instagram littered with cosy fireplace shots, orange hues of leaf shedding trees and copious amounts of pumpkins to know this.

I, very unoriginally, also love Autumn. It has always been my favourite season (I liked it first before it was even cool….) CLEARLY I’m joking btw. This Autumn has really been special to me. Its because it marks a year (yesterday to the day in fact) that I started work as a full time farmer (Oh christ, she’s banging on about that again isn’t she…and yes, I am…soz about that!). I’ve got a year of farming under my belt, and I know what to expect for the next year. This makes me feel considerably less panicked than I was this time last year, allowing me to enjoy working on the farm a bit more and not just be constantly consumed with fear of the unknown.

To that end, as Autumns go, this one has been pretty damn good. I’ll tell you some reasons why…

  1. I haven’t got a wedding to worry about or plan. Instead, I can rest in the knowledge that we had an awesome day, and admire all the lovely photos
  2. Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Sausage Carbonara – Andy and I’s current obsession
  3. Jumpers. Giant Knitwear. Specifically this one
  4. Cosy evenings by the fire after long days in the Autumn sunshine – nothing beats it
  5. Baths, preferably with wine…or prosecco (we have some left over from the wedding (here), and it really is the most delicious fizz I’ve ever tasted)
  6. Dark evenings mean, finishing a bit earlier on the farm and having more time to get on top of some admin (we now have a proper office space – no more kitchen table chaos!)
  7. Dog walks with friends, this weather has been PERFECT for dog walks. Trying to make sure I get more inventive with walks, and not just go on the same ones round the farm!
  8. Hot Chocolate. With whipped cream. And marshmallows. And a flake!
  9. Books. Reading. Board Games. Basically trying to mix it up by banning phone/laptop/tv watching at least one evening per week!
  10. The fact that I was featured in Rock My Style this week…if you haven’t yet seen the article its here! Have a read and please let me know what you think!

Whats been your favourite thing about this Autumn 2017 so far? I’d love to hear from you, so please send me a message or drop me a comment in the box below 🙂


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My top picks from the Ariat A/W Collection…

15th October 2017

Since farming I have come across alot of brands that are new to me. Ariat is one of them. If you don’t know, Ariat are a global equestrian and countrywear brand and specialise in garments that are not only, good quality products, but technically very built for the job. I’ve been really impressed with the fact that all of the pieces that I have been testing out are all so durable and I can see that they will really last me on the farm.

The Rigor H2O Jacket

The first piece from their A/W collection that I want to talk to you about is the Rigor H2O Jacket. I’m telling you, this jacket is WARM. It’s actually been quite mild out on the farm lately and so I haven’t worn this jacket that much….yet. Come the winter season I will defo be getting the wear out of this cosy number. Its a lovely luxe material and feels a bit like a ski jacket, I also really love that it is beautifully fitted – some winter jackets can make you feel a bit ‘puffed up’ but this is still nice and shaped.

The Burford Insulated Wellingtons

The next piece I want to talk about isn’t actually in their A/W Collection, they are the Burford Insulated wellies. I’ve had my eye on these for a while, these are slightly chunkier than my other wellies, but they feel so comfy and again, really durable. I also love the colour ways of these, with the leather trim at the top!

The New Team Softshell

The next piece is from their A/W Team Collection, I have the New Team Softshell and matching gilet and these are a real winner for me in this odd tran-seasonal time where some days are mild and others are a bit chillier! They are again, really nice a fitted which I love! 

The Coniston Pro GTX Boots

Lastly, but by no means least I want to just tell you about their Coniston Pro GTX Insulated boots. These boots really are worth the investment, they are a bit pricer than other country boots on the market – but I honestly think they are worth every penny if you are looking for some good country winter boots! Ridiculously comfy and warm and I feel like they will wear really well…I’m all about durable footwear these days!

Let me know what your thoughts are, and feel free to leave me a comment 🙂

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The Toggi A/W Collection Part 1

28th September 2017

At the end of August, along with some other bloggers, I got a chance to visit Toggi HQ and preview the upcoming A/W Collection. It felt slightly unusual to be looking forward to Christmas in August, but I embraced the festive feels and came away from the day feeling so excited to don some cosy coats and scarves and hats. Not to mention how ruddy LOVELY all of the Toggi team were. We were taken through the new collection by the design team, they took us through the thinking behind each piece and I was taken back by just how much thought and care goes into each item. As well as the fashion and design elements of the production process, they also really focus on the practically of each piece ensuring that there is never style over substance.

The Toggi A/W did not disappoint. There is a huge range of really gorgeous pieces and over the next few weeks I’ll show you some of my faves.

Kicking off with some practical heroes. The Allerton waterproof jacket is a winner for me, it is rare that you can find a waterproof that is as fitted as this one, along with being water tight and windproof. I got mine in this colbalt blue, but you can also get it in bright pink too (LOVING the bright colours!).

This jacket is going to be great for Autumn on the farm, there have already been a few really wet days where its still been quite mild, so no need for a heavy coat yet. So I’ll be wearing this jacket alot whilst zipping around the farm on the quad bike. I’m also starting up running again, and this jacket will be great for rainy days as its really lightweight.

The next ‘practical hero’ I’ve been wearing are the Kodiac steel toe slip on boots. I literally can’t believe that I’m THIS excited about steel cap toe boots, but honestly these are an absolute foot saver. I’ve been working alot with the sheep and cows up in pens over the last few weeks and my feet have been constantly stamped on by the animals. The difference its made wearing these boots is a dream. My perception of steel cap toe boots would be that they would be clunky and really heavy, but these are unbelievably light! So much so that I thought I’d been sent the wrong boots at first before reading the box!

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Why you need the Toggi ‘Luella’ wax jacket in your life…

12th September 2017

So there are just items of clothing, things that you buy and instantly know that you’re going to wear ALL the time. This jacket is one of those things (Click here for link).

I flipping love it. The fit, the colour, the material, and the fact that it is WATERPROOF aaaaand warm. The lining is also gorgeous too. Whenever I wear this jacket, I always get compliments. I think its because its a different colour to most wax jackets on the market – and stands out a bit as a result.

Those who follow me on Instagram will know that I have a slight obsession with wax jackets! I just think, for me, they are the perfect bridge between town and country life. I can wear a wax jacket on the farm/walking the dogs, but then I won’t look out of place if I decide to keep it on for a trip to London. I’ve worn this jacket to a festival with a dress/wellies and also on the farm riding around on the quad – the perfect all rounder.

Having never owned a wax jacket from Toggi, I now want their whole waxed collection. They’re beautifully made, and look even better aged a bit too. I will be wearing this jacket in years to come for sure…

Oooh also, some new info, you can now buy direct from

My Waxed Wishlist

The Balmoral

The Austin

The Cordova

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A classic yellow raincoat from Lazy Jacks

15th May 2017

Anyone who follows me on insta will know how much love I have for raincoats. There is something nostalgic about wearing a classic raincoat/mac that brings me back to being a small child. A bit like donning a pair of dungarees, or a little backpack! I was recently looking back at old childhood photos and it made me laugh how little my dress sense has changed in the past 30 years! Give me a stripey top, a bright raincoat and a pair of wellies and I’ll take on the world.

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect yellow raincoat for a while and I am a HUGE fan of this one from Lazy Jacks. It’s super soft and has a gorgeous dotty lining with lovely embroided details on the cuffs and collar. It’s a really nice fit and feels snuggly, without feeling too bulky! Not only is it fully waterproof, but it also keeps the windchill at bay, basically an all round winner in my eyes.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Lazy Jacks, they are a lovely family run clothing brand set up in the early 2000’s by couple John & Gayle over in South Devon. All of their clothing is bold and bright and reminiscent of being by the seaside, they also have an amazing kids range which has some really cute pieces in at the moment. All of their garments are prewashed so they won’t ever shrink and will always stay the same size when you wash them. 


SS17LJ3 – Ladies 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt – £45.00


SS17LJ94 – Ladies Striped Panel Breton – £35.99

SS17LJ203 – Ladies Shower & Windproof Mac – £62.50
Do you have a piece of clothing that makes you feel nostalgic? Something that reminds you of a happy time in your life? If so, I would love to hear your stories!
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Things I miss about city life…

23rd April 2017
We’re 3/4 of the way through lambing at the moment, and I’m actually writing this post amidst the orphan pen, so I can keep an eye on them and get some blogging done…rule no.1 in farming – multitasking you see.
Lambing is a whole other post so I’ll save the deets until then, but for now I just wanted to talk about some of the things I’m missing from life before farming.
I’ve found the last few weeks particularly challenging and have often found myself getting ‘citysick’…hmmm is that I thing…? What I mean; is sort of ‘homesick for the city’.

 1. Seeing friends and family

Everyone always tells me how envious they are that I get to live in the countryside and be surrounded by nature, animals and spend my days feeding baby lambs. They’re right, although idyllic as it may be, I still have pangs of jealousy whenever I see my friends posting instagrams of them in nice new pop ups in London, knocking back cocktails, of those last minute drinks, dinner plans that you can have when you all work near/with each other. My friends and family are definitely what I miss most. Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows that I LOVE to chat be around people, get me talking and it’s hard to shut me up. Farming can be really quite unsociable if you let it, we’re so busy all of the time at the moment that its hard to make plans and see friends and family, unless they come to visit and even then, catch ups aren’t quite the same whilst you’re trying to herd, feed, shear sheep at the same time. It can also be hard for friends and family that aren’t farmers to relate to your day-to-day existence – and why should they, its a completely alien world to them!

2. Connivence food

This is all going to make me sound really materialistic, but, I long for the days where I used to pick up an overpriced coffee on the way to work. It sounds stupid, but I loved my old pre work routine. It made me feel like a ‘grown up’…walking to work listening to Spotify, getting my coffee and croissant, setting it down on my desk and then having a catch up with people around the office each morning…’Did you see GOT last night…?’ ‘OMG – season finale of Broadchurch…didn’t see that coming’….you know the drill. Similarly – just nipping to Itsu or Pret for lunch…or just the mere multitude of options of eateries I used to be able to choose from. Now its a often a rushed sandwich scoffed in the Land Rover or if we’re lucky, in a nice picnic spot.

3.  Clothes, beautiful clean fashionable clothes

I had a bit of an incident at around Christmas time. It happened when I was Christmas Shopping and I went into H&M to do a bit of self gifting…they had so many nice bits in and I ended up spending about an hour trying on different outfit combos. I got halfway to the till with arms laden and then had a huge realisation that I hadn’t actually worn any of my ‘before farming’ wardrobe for the last 3 months, and that buying all of these extra clothes wasn’t practical. Where was I going to wear the frilly white shirt that I had picked up, or the crisp blue chinos…the answer was, nowhere. I started to have an overwhelming urge to cry…thankfully I stopped myself…as crying at the till of H&M over a frilly white shirt would have been a new low. But it did make me sad. I put everything back…well nearly everything, I treated myself to a pale pink beanie as I reassured myself that I could getaway with wearing that on the farm. The fact is, clothes make me happy, I’m a self professed fashion fad follower and getting to wear ‘normal clothes’ and make up with my hair done nicely is something I REALLY miss.

4. Being in the know

I’ve gone from being in an industry that I know lots about, and a job that I felt confident in, and its been hard to adjust to being a bit clueless again. I hate not being useful and there is nothing worse than feeling in some situations, that you have nothing to add of value. It will all come with time, teaching and no doubt alot of googling, but for now I just have to try my best.

5. Going to the cinema (or insert other after work activities here)

I’m sure people with young children can relate, but I really miss just going to the cinema or just doing things after work. Going to the Cinema is one of my fave things to do, and we just haven’t had time to go. We’re lucky if we finish in time for an early bed, let alone going out past 7pm, and even if we did manage to get out I’m sure we’d both fall asleep!

I don’t want this post to sound really negative, as obviously there are lots of things I don’t miss. Delayed trains on my old commute being one of the big ones I can thing of off the top of my head! But I suppose the point is, the grass is always greener isn’t it.
I’m sure there are lots of my friends who, on the flip side, have an ambition to learn something completely new, who hate how much money they are wasting on their daily coffees on the way to work, who wish that their friends would stop pressuring them into boozey after work sessions that lead to MASSIVE hangovers, and who would love nothing more than to cruise around the countryside with no make up, hair slung up and not to care what they look like!
For now, I suppose I can always try rocking an ‘on trend’ look, hair preened, full make up on whilst riding the quad across the South Downs checking the sheep…although I may get some funny looks.


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Woodland walks with Toggi…

26th March 2017

We managed to grab a break this weekend inbetween sheep moving/checking, cow feeding and other farm related activities! We have been wanting to explore the woodland near our farmhouse ever since we moved in last September, and it didn’t disappoint! Sun dappled and covered in  rhododendrons, it felt like we could have been in the middle of a Canadian forest.

I took the opportunity to test drive my new Toggi Rundle boots and Taymouth tweed coat. It was sooo nice to be out of my wellies and farm coat that is caked in mud!

Toggi Taymouth Tweed Coat

I’m delighted with this little beauty, despite being tweed, its really nice and lightweight, whilst still waterproof. A great transeasonal coat that stands up to unpredictable British weather! It has adjustable waist straps at the back which nip it in nicely, and also has them on the cuffs too. The colour is unusual for a tweed jacket and the brown is a great colour that pretty much goes with anything.

Toggi Rundle Boots

These boots are AMAZING.

1. They are the perfect height, they sit a bit higher than other country boots out there and are really flattering on the old legs as a result.

2. They are also really sturdy, I love a sturdy boot, it means that they ‘stand up’ on their own and won’t ‘sag’ (sorry, I hate that word, but couldn’t think of any other word to describe!).

3. They are super easy to clean (that’s my no.1 advantage these days on the farm – everything has to be mud proof!)

4. They will get only get better with age, a bit of mud and once they are nice and worn in.

My Toggi wishlist…

Toggi have got some gorge spring wear in at the moment, I know I’m a sucker for a stripe, but I’ve also been lusting over this Cranston jumper! Then their Morella boots will defo be going on my Birthday wishlist!