Autumnal Favourites

Autumnal Favourites

Everyone loves Autumn. You only have to scroll through Instagram littered with cosy fireplace shots, orange hues of leaf shedding trees and copious amounts of pumpkins to know this.

I, very unoriginally, also love Autumn. It has always been my favourite season (I liked it first before it was even cool….) CLEARLY I’m joking btw. This Autumn has really been special to me. Its because it marks a year (yesterday to the day in fact) that I started work as a full time farmer (Oh christ, she’s banging on about that again isn’t she…and yes, I am…soz about that!). I’ve got a year of farming under my belt, and I know what to expect for the next year. This makes me feel considerably less panicked┬áthan I was this time last year, allowing me to enjoy working on the farm a bit more and not just be constantly consumed with fear of the unknown.

To that end, as Autumns go, this one has been pretty damn good. I’ll tell you some reasons why…

  1. I haven’t got a wedding to worry about or plan. Instead, I can rest in the knowledge that we had an awesome day, and admire all the lovely photos
  2. Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredient Sausage Carbonara – Andy and I’s current obsession
  3. Jumpers. Giant Knitwear. Specifically this one
  4. Cosy evenings by the fire after long days in the Autumn sunshine – nothing beats it
  5. Baths, preferably with wine…or prosecco (we have some left over from the wedding (here), and it really is the most delicious fizz I’ve ever tasted)
  6. Dark evenings mean, finishing a bit earlier on the farm and having more time to get on top of some admin (we now have a proper office space – no more kitchen table chaos!)
  7. Dog walks with friends, this weather has been PERFECT for dog walks. Trying to make sure I get more inventive with walks, and not just go on the same ones round the farm!
  8. Hot Chocolate. With whipped cream. And marshmallows. And a flake!
  9. Books. Reading. Board Games. Basically trying to mix it up by banning phone/laptop/tv watching at least one evening per week!
  10. The fact that I was featured in Rock My Style this week…if you haven’t yet seen the article its here! Have a read and please let me know what you think!

Whats been your favourite thing about this Autumn 2017 so far? I’d love to hear from you, so please send me a message or drop me a comment in the box below ­čÖé



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