Are you even a farmer until…

Are you even a farmer until…

You take your boots and socks off and there is a solid white sock tan line lurking underneath – note to self, only LONG dresses can be worn in the near future due to said horrific tan lines. Same applies for the myriad of different t-shirt/vest lines that are going on on my shoulders and back right now.


You have to leave halfway through dinner with friends/family due to the fact that (insert appropriate animal here) are out! Its a great way to make you skip dessert – I’ve missed out on copious decadent homemade puddings due to the fact we had 300 sheep making their way happily down the road.


All long drives consist of constant farmers commentary ‘Ooooh look, their sheep look well’, ‘what do you suppose that breed is?’, ‘Oh, the combines out!’.


You are obsessed about the weather, like literally 6 apps/weather station/weather on the news OBSESSED.


You realise that Friday nights have now morphed into every other night of the week. The farm’s not going to look after itself over the weekend after all! Queue ‘green eyed monster rage’ at everyones Instagram ‘#FRIYAY’ posts..


Saturday breakfast time is all about skimming through Farmers Weekly & Farmers Guardian!


You’re bidding on at least 10 different old bits of farm kit and machinery on eBay – always on the lookout for a bargain.


‘Date night’ is fish and chips in the tractor in the middle of the field.


Your belt is bailer twine and your keyrings are eartags.


One minute you’re on the verge of a full blown melt down because something has gone seemingly catastrophically wrong….the next you’re having biscuit and a cuppa and have forgotten what the problem was in the first place!


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