About the farm

Cocking Hill Farm is a tenant farm which is part of the Cowdray Estate. It is situated on the glorious South Downs and consists of around 700 acres of mainly chalk grassland, rising up to 800ft above sea level.

We run a 2,000 head flock of NZ Romneys on an extensive outdoor system, predominantly for breeding stock. We lamb outdoors and only bring sheep in if they have a problem that needs monitoring. All our sheep have a forage based diet and live on grass and then turnips/fodder beet over the winter. We also have a small calf rearing enterprise in the barn (plenty to keep us busy!).

Cocking Hill Farm is run in conjunction to Locks Farm (Andy’s family farm). The family farm is on the Wiston Estate and is the main base for the stud flock (Wairere UK), just down the road which also has NZ Romneys aswell a pedigree herd of Sussex and Belted Galloway cattle which we hope to bring some of over to Cocking Hill in the future.

Photo credit: Kerry Jordan @ BooFace Photography 

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