• Farming

    January 2018 on the farm…

    January…a month that instills fear into even the most positive of people. It’s always a tough one isn’t it, the post Christmas slump where you’ve over indulged and feel you need to change every…

    3rd February 2018
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    Rambling with TOG24

    Over this past year it has become more and more apparent just how important having a good old walk is for my mental and physical health. Having swapped my office job for an outdoor…

    30th November 2017
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    Autumnal Favourites

    Everyone loves Autumn. You only have to scroll through Instagram littered with cosy fireplace shots, orange hues of leaf shedding trees and copious amounts of pumpkins to know this. I, very unoriginally, also love…

    29th October 2017
  • Personal

    Our farm wedding

    2nd September 2017 Getting ready The day of our wedding I woke up and couldn’t believe our luck with the weather. It honestly was the most beautiful day, just perfect. I woke up and…

    23rd October 2017
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    The Toggi A/W Collection Part 1

    At the end of August, along with some other bloggers, I got a chance to visit Toggi HQ and preview the upcoming A/W Collection. It felt slightly unusual to be looking forward to Christmas…

    28th September 2017